Art in LA Affair Special Project space features limited edition screenprints of the original album cover for 1984's The OFFS  First Record  created by Jean Michel-Basquiat. It is the only showing of these works in the United States before they are exhibited in conjunction with the Jean-Michel Basquiat/Egon Schiele exhibition at Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris from October 3, 2018 - January 14, 2019. The OFFS  First Record  1984 is one of only two record jackets created by Basquiat, one of the most rare vinyl jackets created by an artist and featured in the just released catalogue  Art & Vinyl . The OFFS were part of the legendary ska/punk rock alternative music revolution that still resonates today.
 Fred Tieken’s paintings are based on impressions from his life experiences. His inspiration might be something that happened yesterday or a half-century ago. Tieken uses narrative in his work and likens the way the words work with the visual elements.   After a lifetime of staying within the lines, first as a draftsman and then a graphic designer, Fred Tieken no longer worries about such things. He prefers to use a lot of color and continually strives to channel his inner child.
 Grace Hindle’s series stems from the physical nature of mold making. Seduced by the timing needed for the silicone and plaster to transform into a 3-dimensional object and having this form sitting in front of her, she had the urge to contextualize the objects, which was accomplished through photography. Grace Hindle’s decision to place these inanimate objects into living environments, implied a cinematic context.
 Andres Mornaghi studied Art Direction at the Universidad De Palermo in Buenos Aires. He is currently practicing in Los Angeles, California.
 Austin Nordyke is a contemporary/abstract artist based out of San Diego, CA. He specializes in hand made acrylic and oil works, covered with resin coating layer and finished in handmade floating frames. Nordyke has been painting professionally for over 3 years, with 2 years being dedicated full time to art.